The Voice of Peace Network extends a loud "THANK YOU" to all of it's sponsors and donors.  

Starting in 2013, as we celebrate 40 years of the Voice of Peace brand, VOPN will be utilizing this page at VOICEOFPEACE.COM to say "Thank You" to those individuals and companies that have lent their support to our "people helping people" non-profit.


In the meantime, With the 2012 launch of this site... Richard Doran Ticho, VOPN President, would like to take the opportunity to thank our staff, volunteers and families for all of their support and efforts over the years.



Here's a "note of thanks" from VOPN President Richard Doran Ticho...

The past 18 months have been very exciting and I am personally very grateful for so very much and to so many people. We had our VOPN festival last year, then we partnered with Voice of Peace Radio, then we started assisting worthy “people helping people” non-profits with free video production services… and soon, we were reaching over 170 countries with our positive, educational and entertaining content. To top it all off… we have our new website design launch.


From meeting the spectacular participants and their caregivers at the Glenner Memory Care Centers… to working with the inspired folks at Cancer Angels of San Diego… to building our VOPN network… I will never forget the inspirational people I have met during this journey.


Thank goodness for our new site.  I welcome the opportunity to say “Thank you” for your all the love, understanding, support, advice, talent, contribution, effort and dedication. THANK YOU.


Also, Please remember, if you find yourself in a giving mood this holiday season, to consider continuing your support of the Voice of Peace Network by clicking the link below and making a small donation. 


To those of you who have contributed your time and effort to the development of the Voice of Peace Network… THANK YOU!


Alyssa Tran

Eve Grey

Juliette Lunger

Eduardo David

Tim Carter

Caresse Vuong

Nancy Phung & Atom Smith

Suki Kaprese Kang

Chrissie De Guzman

Crisantus Vincent De Guzman

Bill Gerstenmaier

Asaf Lewkowitz

Mitch Feingold


To my Voice of Peace Family all over the world… Who will never letting the spirit of the original Voice of Peace die… and always believing in the dream of “Peace, Love and Good Music”. Thank you.


Andy Cox

Mark Hanna

Yaniv Dayan

Linda Slomowitz

Alan Price-Roberts

Tami Dekel

Mike Brand

Gil Katzir

Tim Scrimshaw

David Asher

Noam Aviram

Meir Goldstein

Shelley Sherman Dube

Alisa Hobod

Barbera Groen


To the wonderful, hard working, non-profit leaders and volunteers that I have been fortunate to meet, the inspirational caregivers and participants that have appeared in front of our cameras... to the gifted musicians, educators and entertainers that stepped up to support their causes... Thank you.


Graeme Malcolm 

Erica Renee

Nya Moses

Peggy Lebo

Greg Douglass

Roy Blumenfeld

Bruce Barthol

Kiptyn Locke

Lindsay Eanet

Maureen Cohen & David Bennett Cohen

Noam Vazana

Che Broadway

Tony Traguardo & Winifred Boyd

Pete Fonatale

Ekaterina Ilina

Eve Resnik Beutler

Kiptyn Locke

Mysti Sadler

Anette Asher

Anne Siata 

Liz Reinhofer

Christina Esau-Whitmer

Vicki DeSantis Casper

Deborah Vietor & Jon Vietor

Andrew Reker

John Kabashinski

Amos Mokadi

Dan Cox


And then... some of you who are closest to my heart... my family. Thank you for everything. For your love, kindness, understanding and support.


Suzy Ticho & Harold K Ticho

Ruth & Rami Press

Regina Klein & Bob Wayne

Sayah Ticho & Karl Ticho

Marilyn Klein

Julius Klein

Leo Robert Klein

Barry Ticho & Allison August

Benjamin Ticho & Kathy Ticho

Gabe Ticho

Karen & David Eanet

Steve Eanet

Cyd Ticho & Tony Otto

Hayley Otto

Maddy Otto

Fiona Ticho

Rand Miller

Yaacov Gadot, Roi Raphael Gadot, Guy Gadot

Aimee Ticho

Simon Ticho

Linus Ticho

Josh Ticho & Amy Ticho

Max Heavenrich Vassilos

Laura Ticho

Bella Abigail Ticho

Natalie Ticho

Paul Agran

Rita Epshtein

Vladimir Epshtein

Lev Epshtein

Anna Slavin

Anna Slavina

Tal Kurnas

Avi Kurnas

Dror Kurnas

Stav Kurnas

Alpir Kritzler

Sadie Heinlein

Lauren Lum

Angelina Girodes

Teena Walsh Boelter

Tony Perez

Lloyd Garver

Jade Tailor

Shawn Kravich

Shani Shmerling

Boris Yokhin

Michael Yokhin

Lana Yokhin

Ashley Beatie

Shir Shalechet Lieberman

Karen Kozak-Lott

Austin Lott

Jan Madden

Judy Karul

Christmas Karul

Ofra Gazit

Mirra Lustig

Bob Levi

דפנה חיץ


And finally... those people that mean the world to me...


Charles Ticho and Jean Yochi Ticho

Robin Ticho & Daniel Hicks

Michael Richichi

Ron Ticho & Pam Lott

Nate Ticho

Hannah Ticho

Connie Ticho

Jason Anthony & Julie Jewett

Kristen Anthony & Garlin Smith

Evelyn Beatie & Robert Beatie

Tito Anthony & Kathy Anthony

Gina Lee Ticho

...and my loving wife...

Sharon Anthony-Ticho


I am so thankful for my friends (both Facebook and beyond) and for my extended family all over the world. You all give me hope for a future filled with health, happiness, peace and a joyful world. 


Thank you,

Richard Ticho

President, VOPN