Show Host: Kiptyn Locke Show Name: Inspiration Creates Action Cause: Cancer Angels Sponsor: VOPN
KIPTYN LOCKE'S INSPIRATION CREATES ACTION is in support of CANCER ANGELS OF SAN DIEGO and features a VOPN LIST OF TEN key words of inspiration including Intergity, Love, Athletics, Travel, Fulfillment, Courage, Adventure, Dream and Family.
VOICEOFPEACE.COM is excited to welcome aboard Adventurer, Dreamer, Athlete, Philanthropist... and VOPN show host... KIPTYN LOCKE...with "Inspiration Creates Action" in support of CANCER ANGELS of San Diego.  Kiptyn talks about how his chairty is very close to his heart.
Kiptyn Locke was born in San Francisco, California.  Taught the meaning of the word integrity at an early age, Kiptyn learned to believe in himself and that every person has the power to do something amazing in their lives, if they make the choice to.  Even as a child, Kiptyn wanted to start a business to benefit children and has spent much of his life supporting important causes that help children and others in need.
A health and fitness enthusiast and philanthropist known for his positive nature, he spends his life trying to experience the greatest of love and happiness. Part of finding that in his own life is being able to help others find it in theirs.  He believes that you must live everyday to let others around you find enjoyment in their existence; you must create the life that you want to live through selflessness, generosity, ambition, spontaneity and risk-taking. 
Kiptyn appeared as a hopeful bachelor vying for Jillian Harris’ attention on Season 5 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” This was an opportunity he took for the experience, it not only brought him out of his usual comfort zone, but also introduced him to people with like minds and hearts, who also wanted to make a difference and have a positive impact on the lives of others.
In August & September 2010 Kiptyn returned to television as a cast member of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad.”  While Kiptyn finished runner-up to the 0,000 prize, he left the show with the respect of his peers as he once again demonstrated his genuine character competing with great integrity throughout the experience. Through the “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad” he now has the support of other people who share a common drive to help worthwhile causes and together they are able to make a greater impact.
Kiptyn teamed up with his mother as she formed a non-profit organization focused on improving the quality of life of those suffering from Stage IV cancer, Cancer Angels of San Diego.  The organization, of which Kiptyn is a board member, provides financial aid to those so ill that they are unable to work to afford the basic necessities of life such as rent, utilities, food and clothing.