Show Host: John Kabashinski Show Name: Spiritual Health Explained Cause: Institute for Spiritual Health Sponsor:


John Kabashinski’s Spiritual Health Explained is in support of the Institute for Spiritual Health and features interviews with top experts in spirituality and healing from science, medicine, and traditional healing practices. This non-didactic conversation explores the healing power of belief and how to use it as a practical part of daily life. Currently John is offering a webcast with Nicholas Demetry, M.D. discussing the 2012 Mayan calendar prediction for a universal shift in consciousness and a guided meditation. 


John Kabashinski is on the Voice of Peace Board of Advisors and is a three-time Emmy nominated writer, director and producer with over twenty years experience creating across multiple platforms. He is author of the book “I Am”, which details how his work in spirituality began when his first wife Laura died from a burst ectopic pregnancy, leading to a twelve-year journey studying spirituality and healing around the world. Combined with trips to Fatima, Lourdes and extended stays at ashrams in India, John studied with Nicholas Demetry M.D. receiving his certification in Transpersonal Psychology & Spiritual Healing from the Etherikos International School of Energy Healing and Spiritual Development. John later became a student teacher with doctor Demetry and eventually helped teach spiritual healing in several countries. He is currently a board member of the Institute for Spiritual Health, a non-profit established to advance spiritual healing modalities within medicine and science. He is also a practicing spiritual healer and active writer and speaker on the subject.


Voice of Peace World Premier: John has recently completed the groundbreaking documentary Life Force: spiritual health explained and the Voice of Peace Network is excited to be premiering it as a free streaming webcast in January 2013. Be sure to watch this densely informative and inspirational film that explores the incredible power of belief. John weaves his unique insights with interviews of top experts in spirituality and healing to uncover the mysteries of spiritual energy and the real benefits of raising our consciousness. We know that science has proven that spirituality can lead to faster healing, reduced stress and even happier, longer lives, but watch this incredible film to discover the secrets of how and why it works.