Show Host: Abbey, Angie and Kianna Shlemon Show Name: The Shlemon Sisters Cause: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Sponsor: Abbey's Real Texas BBQ

Abbey, Angie and Kianna Shlemon were all born and raised in San Diego.  They have been working in their family business Abbey’s Real Texas BBQ since they were young.  Because of that, they developed a reputation of offering the most-friendly and outstanding service in town.


Abbey says, ”The restaurant has always been a big part of my life. Growing up I was very shy and timid, but now I am very outgoing and I can thank the restaurant for that! My parents always believed that children should learn responsibility and a good work ethic as it will benefit them when they are older. Looking back now, I thank every minute of them pushing me out of my comfort zone to explore more responsibilities and allow that growth I needed.”


Originally, the twins were discovered by VOPN Executive Producer, Richard Ticho, when he became a regular at the restaurant.  “Angie and Kianna were so incredibly kind and friendly; My wife fell in love with them right away and insisted that I talk to them about doing a show.  After talking with the twins, and then with Abbey, I was convinced that they had the right energy to connect and inspire a youthful audience.”


Even though Kianna says, “I am a very loud and outgoing 19 year-old who loves coffee, music and poetry”, the Shlemon Sisters are much more than that and “hope to spread peace and love”.


Angie loves to travel, attend music festivals and inspire people. You'll find her taking photographs wherever she wanders, enjoys creative writing, and spending most of her days at sunset cliffs!  She hopes to make a mark on this world by expressing her creativity through art and poetry.


Their show is in support of NATIONAL COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, along with other causes like ALEX’S LEMONADE STAND FOUNDATION.  Their LIST OF TEN spotlights Akon, Angelina Jolie, Bill and Melinda Gates, Chicago Blackhawks, Cathedral Catholic High School, Rihanna, Paul Walker, Ellen Degeneres, Sofia Bush and Insomniac Events.


Recently, while on location at show sponsor Abbey’s Real Texas BBQ, The Shlemon Sisters recorded a PSA on behalf of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and Safe and Secure Online.  CHECK OUT THE SHLEMON SISTERS very first public service announcement and make sure to stay safe and secure online!


The Shlemon Sisters - Safe and Secure Online