Show Host: Veronica Sol Show Name: Why It Matters Cause: Urban Street Angels Sponsor: VOPN



VOPN is very pleased to bring Model/Actress/Activist (and so much more) Veronica Sol and her inspired show WHY IT MATTERS to everyone in our network!  From her warm interview style to her edgy determination to make the world a better place, she will make you smile, think and feel encouraged to make a difference yourself.


Veronica Sol is the muse for many photographers and her beauty, both inside and out, is undeniable.  With her show WHY IT MATTERS, she explores a List of Ten that continues to motivate and excite her every day.  Her causes show us exactly where her heart is... with homeless youth (Urban Street Angels) and the protection of all our rights. (Human Rights Watch


VERONICA SOL'S LIST OF TEN:  Mindy Kaling, Malala Yousafzai, Amy Poehler, Laverne Cox, Beyoncé Knowles, Serena Williams, Idina Menzel, Carrie Hammer, Emma Watson and Akon.


So visit with Veronica here, or at our Facebook page for live interviews, and explore the world of artistic expression, nonprofit work, activism, combining all of those and discovering the differences that one person can make!