Show Host: Noam Vazana Show Name: We Are All Human Cause: Peace Now Sponsor: VOPN

NOAM VAZANA'S WE ARE ALL HUMAN is in support of PEACE NOW and features a VOPN LIST OF TEN that includes Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Paula Cole, Tori Amos, Singing Revolution and Ben Zandar.  Directed by Asaf Lewkowitz for VOPN


VOICEOFPEACE.COM is proud to welcome aboard Noam Vazana... A gifted singer-songwriter, pianist and trombone player... Celebrated for writing strong music and lyrics while combining catchy pop tunes and modern jazz harmonies. She has also become well-known for her activism... and for her work creating awareness at her live shows.


VOPN loves her amazing debut CD "Daily Sketch" and we are sure you will enjoy her show.   Noam's impressive LIST OF TEN and her special "live" performances are all in support of PEACE NOW.


Exclusively from The Voice of Peace Network on VOICEOFPEACE.COM.


Below... please find Noam Vazana's bio from her official website... 


If Kate bush, Nina Simon or Tori Amos would go a little crazier and play trombone and piano at the same time... They might sound more like Noam Vazana. Noam grew up playing classical piano and honing her trombone skills but it was at the end of her 3rd year at the Amsterdam Conservatory, that she found a way to combine her talents and define her own sound.


She recorded an EP and went on to pursue her uncompromising passion to play for an audience. Playing hundreds of shows in Holland, Germany, Italy and Israel and even India.


In 2011 she released her debut album DAILY SKETCH. The album reflects of Noam being a traveling musician. Her songs speak of moons, deserts, relationships, fears and dreams. Also as a reflection of her personality, the songs can be intense and driven but sometimes light hearted and sweet.